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What is FiOS?

  • What is FiOS Internet?

    Leveraging first-rate broadband technology, FiOS Internet from Frontier offers reliable, blazing-fast speeds at a tremendous value. FiOS is delivered through a dedicated, 100% fiber-optic connection to your home and is capable of supporting multiple users at a time. With incredible, Gamer-CertifiedSM speeds as fast as 150Mbps, you can stream movies, play games, video chat, share photos, and more—all at once.

  • What can I do with FiOS?

    FiOS TV offers crystal-clear, high-definition picture quality and sound. With 385 digital channels and thousands of On Demand shows to choose from, you’ll have access to unlimited entertainment options. Our premium service offerings include HBO®, Showtime®, and Whole Home HD DVR, so you can watch TV everywhere there is an Internet connection.

    With FiOS TV, you get fiber-optic strength via a direct, dedicated line to your home, providing the most vivid entertainment experience. Ordinary cable with shared lines simply doesn’t compare to the superior picture quality and sound with FiOS TV.

  • What does the word FiOS actually mean?

    FiOS, an abbreviation for Fiber Optic System, is a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) service. Through this innovative technology, Frontier uses a dedicated 100% fiber-optic connection that transmits data directly to your home. You get continuous connectivity with virtually no interruptions or downtime—even during peak usage periods.

  • How does FiOS work?

    FiOS from Frontier operates seamlessly through the power of fiber-optic lines. These super thin, hair-like strands of glass transmit digital information over distances. Fiber-optic lines allow data to travel quickly and more efficiently than standard coaxial cable. With FiOS, high-capacity Internet, high-definition TV, and crystal-clear phone signals are powered straight to your home.

  • Will I need special equipment for FiOS?

    Yes, special equipment is required for your FiOS fiber-optic network connection to deliver Premium TV, Internet, and Digital Phone services directly to your home. Based on the package you select, Frontier will provide and install the equipment.

What can FiOS do for me?

  • What can FiOS do for families?

    With the ability to support multiple users at a time, FiOS from Frontier is ideal for families. You can stream movies, share photos, download music, and more while your kids play games online in another room. Plus, with the convenience of Whole Home HD DVR, everyone can watch their favorite shows without hassle. Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and other quality family programming is at your fingertips, as well as the ability to exercise parental controls. With FiOS, everyone in your home can enjoy lightning-fast connectivity on smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

  • What can FiOS do for students?

    Students need fast, reliable Internet for round-the-clock studying as well as quality downtime with roommates and friends. With FiOS from Frontier, they can upload and download files in seconds, stream their favorite music and HD movies, and enjoy gaming online with no lag time. FiOS supports multiple users simultaneously, so students get all the bandwidth they need for study and play.

  • What can FiOS do for sports fans?

    If you’re a sports fan, you’ll enjoy every exciting moment of the big game with FiOS from Frontier. FiOS has transformed the sports viewing experience, delivering exceptional quality and unmatched clarity that you won’t get with conventional cable. Plus, with Whole Home HD DVR, you won’t miss a minute of the action—in fact, you can watch several games at the same time.

  • What can FiOS do for gamers?

    With Gamer-CertifiedTM speeds up to 150Mbps for both uploading and downloading, FiOS delivers the ultimate gaming experience. Gamers can’t afford to let buffering or lagging hold them back when winning or losing is on the line. Plus, a wireless router is included, so you can game from any room in the house.

Why is FiOS Better?

  • How is FiOS different from cable?

    Because cable providers do not connect directly to your home with a dedicated line, FiOS offers superior performance and reliability. With cable, coaxial lines are routed to central hubs where the signal splits and is shared by multiple homes throughout the neighborhood. Therefore, data transfer can lag, depending on the number of users connected to the network at any given time. Since FiOS uses a direct, dedicated fiber-optic connection to your home, your speeds aren’t affected by your neighbors’ usage. FiOS ensures you have a private, unshared connection at all times.

  • Is FiOS faster than cable?

    Absolutely. Unlike coaxial cables, fiber-optic lines consist of super thin strands of glass that transfer information quickly and efficiently—similar to the speed at which light travels. Old-fashioned cable simply can’t compare with the blazing speeds and bandwidth FiOS generates.

  • Is FiOS more reliable?

    Yes. FiOS is more reliable because it’s delivered directly to your home via a fiber-optic connection. With cable Internet, coaxial cables have less bandwidth capacity and are susceptible to inclement weather. Rain, snow and wind can cause severe slowdown, weakening signals and rendering the connection unreliable at times. Plus, during cold or stormy weather, people tend to stay inside, competing for bandwidth which can slow shared cable speeds.

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