Most Popular HBO Series by State

Binge-watching is practically a worldwide phenomenon. In every home across America, families aren’t tuning into your run-of-the-mill sitcom or crime procedural. They’re practically setting up camp to binge on intense shows that both delight and traumatize at the same time. And with its exclusive streaming app, HBO is leading the charge as a premier provider of binge-worthy television.

But are our streaming habits—the HBO shows we choose to plow through in a single sitting—influenced by our environment? This is what the team at Frontier set out to determine. We paired up with CableTV.com and used Google trends to find out just what each state loves watching most.

Most Popular HBO Series by State

What we found was especially surprising

  • The three states most obsessed with Westworld’s cowboy robot adventure story were Colorado, Washington, and Massachusetts, where recreational marijuana use is legal and lucrative.We’re not saying that toking herb and smoking guns are related in any way. We’re just pointing out unexplained, yet fascinating observations.
  • Twelve states seem especially concerned about marriage and more specifically, Divorce. That show is performing well in Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.
  • States that are worried about the prison system and dedicate their TV-watching hours to Oz were Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Some things never change

  • People in the South are devoted to Treme and True Blood—two shows which celebrate the unique culture of the region as well as its many intricate legends and myths.
  • While folks in Alaska relate to the white tundra of Jon Snow’s Night’s Watch in Game of Thrones, city slickers in California are dedicated to Silicon Valley and all of its hilarious delights.
  • Of course, folks in Louisiana, New Jersey, and Maryland are faithful to state-themed favorites like Treme, The Sopranos, and The Wire, respectively.
  • Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming seem to have religious polyamory on the brain, as all three are obsessed with Big Love.
  • New Yorkers can be counted on to have seen every single episode of Sex and the City. And people in Florida are true to their Miami roots when it comes to Dwayne Johnson’s Ballers.
  • Viewers living in our nation’s capital of Washington D.C. can’t get enough of Veep—a show that sheds humor on the often stressful nature of politics and division.

You can’t win ‘em all

  • While South Dakota stays dedicated to its own historical epic Deadwood, that show proves to be the 2nd least favorite HBO program in America, pairing up with Treme as a least popular TV show.
  • And don’t ask Alabama what they think about Flight of the Conchords because they’re the only state which absolutely hates the show. Apparently, that New Zealand humor doesn’t fly in the Yellowhammer state.

Have a hunch about where your state falls on the show-watching spectrum? Check out our map below and see if your suspicions are confirmed.

Alabama Family Tree
Alaska Game of Thrones
Arizona Divorce
Arkansas Oz
California Silicon Valley
Colorado Westworld
Connecticut Togetherness
Delaware Boardwalk Empire
DC Veep
Florida Ballers
Georgia Divorce
Hawaii Divorce
Idaho Big Love
Illinois Carnivàle
Indiana The Night Of
Iowa Family Tree
Kansas Oz
Kentucky True Blood
Louisiana Treme
Maine Oz
Maryland The Wire
Massachusetts Westworld
Michigan Divorce
Minnesota Family Tree
Mississippi Divorce
Missouri Oz
Montana Divorce
Nebraska Divorce
Nevada The Wire
New Hampshire Game of Thrones
New Jersey The Sopranos
New Mexico Bored to Death
New York Sex and the City
North Carolina Eastbound & Down
North Dakota Oz
Ohio Divorce
Oklahoma Divorce
Oregon Sex and the City
Pennsylvania Oz
Rhode Island The Leftovers
South Carolina Eastbound & Down
South Dakota Deadwood
Tennessee Divorce
Texas Divorce
Utah Big Love
Vermont Girls
Virginia Divorce
Washington Westworld
West Virginia Oz
Wisconsin Oz
Wyoming Big Love

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