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Get Equally Fast Upload and Download Speeds

With 2FAST from Frontier, you'll receive upload speeds that are as fast as your download speeds. Most Internet providers offer upload speeds that lag behind download speeds, making it time-consuming to perform various tasks. But with 2FAST from Frontier, you'll get Internet that's 2-way fast to boost your online performance for better streaming, gaming, sharing, and more.

Why Upload Speeds Matter

Upload speeds refer to the amount of data you can send in a second. It can refer to how quickly you're able to attach large files to an email or how quickly you can update your social media pages. In other words, connection speed in both directions matters for everything you do online.

How you use upload speeds

  • File
    Sending Files
  • Game Controller
    Online Gaming
  • Laptop
    Video Chatting
  • Photo
    Uploading Photos
  • Web Page
    Updating Web Pages
  • Phone
    Voice Over IP

Compare Internet Upload and Download Speeds

  • 30/30 Mbps
  • 50/50 Mbps
  • 75/75 Mbps
  • 100/100 Mbps
  • 150/150 Mbps

30/30 Mbps
  • Download
  • Song (4 MB) 1.1 SEC
  • HD Movie (6.1 GB) 27.4 MIN

  • Upload
  • 100 Photos (250 MB) 1.2 MIN
  • Cloud Storage (10 GB) 44.5 MIN

Everyday web browsing and multimedia streaming, social media/messaging and managing email.

Up to 3 devices online at once

50/50 Mbps
  • Download
  • Song (4 MB) 0.7 SEC
  • HD Movie (6.1 GB) 16.4 MIN

  • Upload
  • 100 Photos (250 MB) 40 SEC
  • Cloud Storage (10 GB) 26.7 MIN

Smoother video with multiple HD streams, quick file and photo sharing and more intense gaming.

Up to 5 devices online at once

75/75 Mbps
  • Download
  • Song (4 MB) 0.5 SEC
  • HD Movie (6.1 GB) 11 MIN

  • Upload
  • 100 Photos (250 MB) 26.7 SEC
  • Cloud Storage (10 GB) 17.8 MIN

Fast streaming, uploading and sharing of videos, and realistic online gaming with continuous action and minimal lag.

Up to 7 devices online at once

100/100 Mbps
  • Download
  • Song (4 MB) 0.4 SEC
  • HD Movie (6.1 GB) 8.2 MIN

  • Upload
  • 100 Photos (250 MB) 20 SEC
  • Cloud Storage (10 GB) 13.4 MIN

Video sharing and conferencing, fast movies with many simultaneous HD streams, and serious gaming with multiple users.

More than 7 devices online at once

150/150 Mbps
  • Download
  • Song (4 MB) 0.3 SEC
  • HD Movie (6.1 GB) 5.5 MIN

  • Upload
  • 100 Photos (250 MB) 13.4 SEC
  • Cloud Storage (10 GB) 8.9 MIN

Super-fast cloud uploads and downloads, high-performance gaming, video streaming, conferencing and all-around web surfing for everyone in your home.

More than 7 devices online at once


Experience the Difference of FiOS from Frontier

FiOS Internet from Frontier offers High-Speed options and price plans to fit your lifestyle, backed by top-rated broadband technology that provides a dedicated 100% fiber optic connection to your home. We include a wireless router at no extra charge to create your own Wi-Fi home hotspot, so you can take full advantage of your faster upload speeds.


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Blazing-fast Internet with Wi-Fi router included, stunning HDTV with TV Everywhere capabilities, crystal-clear voice calling, and protection solutions to safeguard your home and digital life.


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